"Nice day to open some doors, gay Luigi"

Our hero (?),  Mart, is looking for his princess (?) because an evil villain (?) has kidnapped her! Apparently, looking for a princess involves opening all the doors in various hotels, so Mart sets out to do just that!


Arrow keys - Move

Open all of the doors to proceed to the next level. Watch out: some of them are hidden or out of the way.

Wow, it feels good to do a proper week-long game jam again. The two-day ones always seem to be more stressful, but then I end up getting more stressed in the week-long ones that I haven't made something 7 times as good. :/


Innsane Windows x86_64.zip 26 MB
Innsane Windows x86.zip 24 MB


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Really fun to play, good puzzles and the controls felt good too. Only issue I found so far were that that beds/springs are often times a bit buggy, but it's still very much enjoyable none the less.