You are a robot powered by an AI that can act like a human. However, your dataset, your words, are missing. Recover your words in a world where words are frowned upon.


Arrow keys or WASD to move

Space to advance text

Z to pause on the overworld


Combat is a mix of JRPG and typing game mechanics. Instead of selecting items from a menu and watching the characters duke it out, you participate in the action by typing words to use special powers or attack the enemy. Defeat enemies to level up and unlock new powers. Collect letter points to use your powers and prepare for the boss at the end!

If the game seems different, I've updated it for the Gamejolt release! It's got some new graphics and animations, and a new final boss!


Wordless AU 32 MB


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I totally love this game! I love it that you write to attack, and I loved the enemy design. The only thing kinda "lacking" is that the overworld looks kinda blank after a while.

Thanks for playing the game! I had fun making the enemies, so I'm glad you like them. I agree that the overworld starts looking blank, so I plan to spice it up more in the post-jam version. Thanks for the feedback. :D

This is a really well done game for a first game! :) Congratulations in making your first game, I really liked the concept as an RPG fanatic~ It has rpg elements, and typing, which both I really like (yes I like typing HAHAHAH). You can definitely add on to this in the future, the structure looks fleshed out, you just need to work on certain areas to make it better ;)

Some points you may consider if you plan to work on this in the future! :

I think in terms of UI, you can perhaps zoom the camera out? I find myself scared of being lost in the map lol so I was not entirely sure where to go the whole time, so I checked everywhere HAHA, but also the text during battles at the bottom felt too big ? It might be because I'm full screened, but Unity's canvas can help you with that (although it is tricky sometimes!) 

As a player, I was not sure about the power button at first, but when I tried it I realized what it does! It just was not obvious to me haha

You should add a sprint button to the robot, in case you plan to make the map bigger!


Overall, I really really liked what you have done, and it's your first game! I'm not really sugarcoating anything, but I'm really impressed and like the concept, I hope you consider making this a bigger game though! It's well structured already :)

I'm glad you liked the game, and thanks for taking the time to give some feedback. As for the map, I agree that I got pretty carried away without realizing just how big I had made everything. I think everything just looked smaller in the Unity editor window. I definitely plan to fix this up after the rating, and I'll take your feedback into account. :)